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If you have domainers block (kinda like writers block), a limited budget and are focussing on hand registered domains or are looking for ideas for brandable domains I suggest you try using a domain generator.  There are many websites that offer this tool, some are good for brandables, some are good for pairing keywords together and some are good for domain hacks or creating made up words.  Below I have summarised the Domain Generator websites I like to use and have given an explanation why I like them.

For two word keyword names LeanDomainSearch domain generator is my favorite.  You can simply type in a “route” keyword and the generator will spit out hundreds of “Available” .com domain names that match other keywords with your route word.  I have used this tool a lot for creating brandable domain names and have had good success in getting them approved for listing at BrandBucket and Namerific.  The fact that these domains are actually available to register makes this tool great for investing.  Finding a good two word keyword domain, registering it for $10 or less if you use a coupon for Godaddy and then selling it for thousands of dollars in a brand name marketplace is exciting.  What other investment can you think of that yields thousands of percent in return on investment (ROI).  I use this tool to find domains to add to my marketplace LeanNames.

Whether you are searching for keyword domains, made up brand names, domain hacks or names good for SEO, the NameMesh tool has what you need.  In the search you can type in a keyword and the generator will spit out a list of names in each field containing or related to your keyword.  I like that you can choose to show not only .com domain names but also .io, .co and .net.  You can also choose to hide already domains and set the maximum length of domain you wish to see.

To show you an example of what NameMesh does, I will search using the keyword “NameMesh”.  Check it out.

For one word, two word or catchy names Panabee is a great tool.  The main thing I like is search results show multiple domain extensions and the have a huge list of TLD’s to choose from !

This is a snapshot of the main extensions the tool searches for but you can choose to show more if you’d like.

The search results show both keyword and made up names in multiple domain extensions.  Recently I have noticed more and more ccTLD (Country Code TLD) domain extensions becoming popular, especially with Chinese domain investors.

Below are the results for a search I ran on Panabee for the keywords “Tiny Box”.  You can search for any other keyword combo you like.


There are lots of folks who don’t know about this tool and it’s one that I really like.  For two word .com names, Shopify domain generator is a must use.  Although the tool is lacking search options and filters, it still seems to spit out some decent names.  You do need to dig a bit to find good two word keyword combos that make sense but it still saves you a lot of time searching on Godaddy or scanning through drop lists.

Shopify is an ecommerce tool for building websites and online stores.  They integrated this domain generator to help their customers find affordable names for their new shops.


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