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Creating logos is not for everyone, but logos can be a powerful tool to help you sell your domains.  A carefully designed logo can help a potential buyer of your domain name envision the potential of the domain.  In some cases the logo is a very important selling feature of a domain.  Brand name marketplaces like BrandBucket or Namerific create carefully designed logos for each listed name that will inspire a potential buyer to pull the trigger.  Let’s face it, a good portion of the names listed on brandable marketplaces are made up words and quite often have no meaning and are generic, in this case a logo is a very important feature to help sell that name.  Although the free tools below won’t meet the same quality as logos that are professionally designed, they will still help you sell your domain name whether it be on your own domain marketplace, through outbound marketing, on a landing page or on social media.

Note that some of these tools are free to use but you may be prompted to pay after creating your logo.  If you have any other suggestions on free logo design tools please let me know.

Free logo design tools

Domain Logo Design

The folks over at DomainPunch offer a free to download logo design software created for domain logo designs.  Personally I really like the software and have used it quite a bit myself.  Seeing as it is designed with the domain industry in mind, I think it’s definitely worth downloading and playing around with.


I believe the online logo design tool from DesignMantic is free for personal use but maybe not for business.  Is a bit of a grey area, none the less, this tool is great and fast.  Just enter a company name (domain name), and select the niche you wish your logo to symbolize and voilla, the tool spits out dozens of design options.  Find a logo you like and just right click, copy and paste or save image.

GraphicRiver Logos

The Envato Marketplace is home to the GraphicRiver design studio.  I have used this tool when I’m looking for a great, catchy logo to upload to a flippa listing or doing outbound marketing.  Simply enter the keyword for the niche your domain name represents and you will be presented with some great options for logos.  Note that these templates are not free and I am not encouraging you to copy and edit them.

Microsoft Paint

That’s right, I said it.  But the free MS paint tool you have on your PC can be a powerful logo design tool.  Although editing features are limited and design will be plain.  You can overlay text on an image that you can resize.  My method is to grab a really inspiring photo from the free phots on PIXABAY and simply copy and paste it into MS paint.  You can crop the image and change it’s size and transparency if required.  Then add some fancy text and voilla you got yourself a decent looking logo in about 5 minutes.

Download free logo software

Below is a list of free logo software you can download and install on your computer.  This list was derived from free software on

  • Free Logo Maker
  • Logo Design Studio
  • Jet Logo Designer
  • Photo POS Pro


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