How to connect with Chinese buyers


In 2015 the interest in the domain market by China sent shockwaves through the domain industry forever changing how we as domainers invest in domain names.  It’s obvious that the Chinese hold heavier interest in shorter domain names and pinyin keyword domains.  If you are not investing in domains with Chinese buyers in mind your out of the loop.  Because many of the domain marketplaces we use are English speaking, it can be difficult sometimes to sell our Chinese domain names.  Sites like Sedo, Godaddy and Namejet have altered the language options to attract more Chinese sellers and buyers to their venues.

It is one thing to just list your Chinese domain names on marketplaces but if you want to increase your sales, leads and overall bottom line here are a couple important tools you can use to help connect to Chinese domain buyers and get more leads for sales.

QQ International Chat

Originally the QQ chat feature was designed as an app and primarily used by only the Asian culture.  It has now evolved into much more than just an app and can be downloaded directly to your PC.  The QQ international version offers a translator, though difficult to get used to, it is a good feature and will help you to communicate with Chinese domain investors in their native tongue.

You can download the QQ International chat feature to your PC or to most mobile devices as an app.  Personally, I have the feature downloaded to my PC.  You can Download QQ International Here

Once you have downloaded the program, you should take some time to set up your profile.  It is a good idea to post your username and tagline in both English and Chinese so everyone knows who you are and what your all about.  You can use the free Google Translate tool to post in Chinese.

After filling in some info about yourself you can now get used to the platform and start seeking out groups comprised of Chinese domain investors where you can promote your domain names.

The image on the left is a screenshot of the QQ International chat platform.  As you can see, near the bottom there is an option to add contacts.  Click this and you can start to search for new groups and people to connect with.  The QQ chat feature comes with what is commonly known as a QQ number.  Like a phone number this number is what you can use to connect with groups and people and where they can connect with you.  I have added my QQ number to all of my email signatures as it is the preferred method of correspondence for Chinese.

To search for new people or groups you can add a group QQ number or an individuals QQ number or search by keyword (translated to Chinese).

To help save you some time here are a few groups you can join to start trying to connect with Chinese Buyers.

QQ Domain Groups

General domain discussions – 460244249

.BIZ domain discussions – 1597998

.top domain discussions – 51448939

domain discussions – 142847190

.RED domain group – 300138784

.top domain group – 392656015

.bid domain discussions – 497770638

.com / .net / .cn group – 241038568

domain discussion / no ads – 13112238

.space domain group – 137863731

.wiki domain group – 35708188

WeChat Instant Messenger

The WeChat instant messenger is another great tool for corresponding with Chinese domain buyers.  It is best used, in my experience, in conjunction with the QQ International chat.  Cynthia over at Namepros wrote a great guide to using and installing the WeChat instant messenger.


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