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I’m sure every domainer has their own group of websites they frequent. Whether it be to check recent domain sales, domain industry news, domain tools and info services or to sell their domains.  I wanted to share my favorite sites to visit and give a short description about the website and why I like it.

NamePros Domain Name Forum

Obviously my first choice.  Namepros is the domain industries leading forum for domainers to interact with other domainers, learn about domains and to even sell their domains.  I have been a member on NamePros since 2013, prior to that I frequented WarriorForum and DNforum.  The community at NamePros and the people are real and have real opinions.  It can get pretty entertaining some times reading the bantering back and forth about a hot topic, but it’s all relevant.

Namepros, in my opinion is the central hub for learning about domain investing and should be the first stop for new domain investors.  Take the time to read through the different threads and soak up all of the knowledge that is shared.  As a seller and buyer, I think NamePros should not be overlooked, there have been some big deals made there and auctions, buy it now and make offer listings are always running.  I must admint that my favorite part of the forum is the report domain sales thread, is a great way to key in on trends, get pricing ideas for your domains or get ideas on niches to invest in.

The value of this site should not be overlooked.  It is one of the most important ingredients in my success as a domain investor and I use it everyday.  ExpiredDomains is a great way to check all of the marketplaces and expired domain lists for a specific niche or keyword you are targeting.  I have found domains using this site and purchased for $8 and flipped for thousands of dollars.  I think the key benefit of this site is the time savings.  Nobody wants to spend hours scanning through expiring auctions, with you can check all of the major marketplaces at once and save hours of your time that can be spent marketing your domains.  To read more about and to learn how to use the site, check out my post here.


Flippa is a unique marketplace originally designed to sell established and new websites but now you can sell domain names.  For me, Flippa is a key tool I use for selling my domains.  Though the costs can be high to get your domains in front of buyers, the turnover you will have selling your domains will definitely rise.  I have found that if you have good domain names that can be developed into a website, then they will sell on flippa.  Read more about using flippa to sell domains here.

Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is a bustling web developer forum that has a lot of potential buyers for your domain names.  Although there is not a domain selling section you can get involved in discussions on the forum and have links to domain names you are selling in your signature.  Web developers are always looking for a new niche to tap and if you have a domain name that strikes their fancy then you may get a sale.  You can also pay to have your domain names featured as a warrior classified ad where you can reach even more potential buyers.  I use the classified ads option to sometimes promote auctions I have running.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other domainers, domain groups and to seek out potential buyers for your domains.  I would highly suggest that if you use LinkedIn or are planning to start using it, that you consider upgrading to a business membership so you can in mail people.  Joining groups is easy and is a great way for you to promote your domain names.


Not exactly the most popular marketplace for domainers but is a great place to unload low to medium quality domains.  When I first started out domaining I went on a mad hand registering spree and ended up eating my foot when I found out my names weren’t that great.  I was able to sell many of my poor quality names on bido for $38 each, to me that was a great price for something I had paid $1-$5 for when registering with a coupon.  Though I don’t frequent this site much anymore, I think its an important tool for new domainers or to sell lower quality names.


If you don’t use this site to check reported sales history of domains then you need to.  I use this site almost daily to check the daily reported sales, check sales history of niches like “VR” and to see if a domain I’m considering buying has sold in the past.  Namebio was one of the main reasons I had decided to acquire, this name was in an expiring auction on, I check sales history and saw it had sold two years prior for $15,000.  I acquired the name through auction for $1,400 and resold it within 3o days for $4,500.  I just wish they had a bulk option for checking sales history.


From weekly sales charts, all time sales and monthly sales of reported domains you need to visit this site.  Ron Jackson delivers consistent accurate content to his readers and I am subscribed to this site.  Sales reports are broken down by venue and are only sales that are over $1,000, a great bit of knowledge for investors.


The Sherpa offers video reviews, tutorials and domain appraisals.  DomainSherpa is an industry leading information site when it comes to domains.  I got inspired watching videos and interviews on the Sherpa back in 2014 and since frequently enjoy watching the videos there.  A must visit for sure!!

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