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Age : 10 Years
Registrar : Godaddy

Creation Date: 02-nov-2007
Expiration Date: 02-nov-2018

Through Godaddy, i got 28 Offers till now ( GoDaddy Link)
Through Undeveloped i got 1 offer till now
Through Sedo i got 29 offer till now ( Sedo Link )
Private offers received : 4

There are many big companies in world containing word Le in them like Le.com, LeEco, LeTv, LeMall, LetTour, LeTote etc etc

But i will be happy to sell it here as i didn’t have to give large amount of sales % to any marketplace

LeLx.info and LeLx.co are developed websites


LE means happy, emotion, feelings, ease and so on.

LX 留学 stand for travel or study out of home

Thus the domain would work very well for a Chinese travel website, education website etc etc . You have really many options with this domain. Do not miss the chance to make it yours today !

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